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A Qualified Professional

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of your workers. This involves identifying confined space hazards in your workplace and taking the necessary steps to protect workers. Hazards in confined spaces may not be obvious, so WorkSafeBC requires a qualified person — someone who has proper training and experience — to look carefully at every confined space in a workplace to identify possible hazards.

As a qualified professional, I have helped dozens of clients across many industry sectors with the following confined space solutions:

  • Identification and classification of confined (and enclosed) spaces

  • Performing detailed confined space hazard assessments

  • Developing practical, user-friendly:

    • Confined space entry programs

    • Confined space policies

    • Confined space hazard assessments

    • Confined space entry procedures

    • Confined space rescue procedures

    • Confined space forms and records (e.g. entry permits, rescue practice drills etc.)

  • Submission of alternate measures to WorkSafeBC, when required

  • Auditing of confined space program for regulatory compliance

  • Training workers in proper and safe confined space entries

To see if your current Program meets compliance with regulatory requirements and industry-accepted standards, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Confined Spaces: Services
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