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Engaging & Interactive

Asbestos Awareness  4 hours

Asbestos Exposure Control (Low-Moderate Risk)  8 hours

Hazardous Building Materials Awareness  4 hours

Respiratory Protection Principles + Fit Testing  4 hours

Lead Awareness  3 hours

Lead Exposure Control (Low-Moderate Risk)  8 hours

Silica Awareness  2-3 hours

Confined Space Awareness  4 hours

Confined Space Entry  8 hours

Joint Health & Safety Committee Fundamentals  8 hours

All courses require participants to complete a final test and an electronic certificate will be provided to the employer.

Courses can be tailored to include elements of your specific OHS management system, including your existing policies, programs or plans, protocols, processes and/or procedures.

If a course your organization requires is not available from the current offerings, please contact Sauvé Safety Services Ltd. to discuss.

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